The relevance of heat recovery for production
Today, the task of energy saving is an urgent issue for industrial enterprises in Ukraine and the world. Many enterprises have a high rate of energy resource losses due to an insufficiently rational method of using waste gas heat in technological processes. In particular, the heat of the heated gas is not used at all during the production process or is not used efficiently enough. At the enterprise scale, this becomes an urgent economic issue, since it leads to significant financial losses. An effective solution to this issue is the recovery of the heat of the exhaust gases.

The purpose of recovery is the reuse of resources in order to save energy and raw materials, and as a result, reduce the cost of operating equipment and technological process.

The methods of heat recovery return are:
• Fuel heating;
• Heating of scrap metal;
• Charge heating;
• Heating of the air supplied to the technological process.

The use of these energy saving methods allows you to:
• Increase the temperature and quality of fuel combustion,
• Reduce fuel consumption (coal, natural gas, etc.),
• Reduce the cost of heating the charge and scrap metal,
• Reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

For the irrevocable recovery of waste gas heat, waste heat boilers are used to produce hot water or water vapor, as well as thermal installations to produce mechanical or electrical energy.
Design of heat recovery systems
The average efficiency of heat recovery of exhaust gases in industrial production reaches30-40% of the savings in electricity consumption. When using the return method, the heat savings during the combustion process reaches 10-15% without changing the fuel consumption.Gorenje The implemented engineering solutions of NPP "Ukrainian Metallurgical Technologies" LLC have the potential to increase the efficiency of heat recovery up to 95% due to engineering solutions using innovative technologies.

For therational use of the recuperator, its expected efficiency should be taken into account, as well as its impact on the indicators of the technological process. When installing heat recovery systems, the most important role is played by a qualitative determination of changes in the operating conditions of the main equipment and an audit of existing production in order to develop the most effective design solutions.

In the company"Ukrainian Metallurgical Technologies" RPE LLC, you can order engineering services and the supply of equipment for heat recovery systems. UMT specialists have many years of experience in working with the tasks of improving the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises. We carry out complex engineering and ensure the most efficient operation of all relevant factors. Our goal in cooperation is to solve problems to increase the profit of production with the shortest payback period and reach warranty indicators.
Audit of existing production
Development of technological solutions aimed at reducing the budget of events
Implementation of complex engineering: feasibility study, project, working documentation, ecological and project expertise
Laboratory studies of raw materials
Author's supervision, installation supervision
Reaching the warranty indicators
Аудит существующего производства
Лабораторные исследования сырья
Разработка технологических решений направленных на снижение бюджета мероприятий
Разработка технологического
задания (ТЛЗ)
обследование зданий
Выполнение комплексного
инжиниринга: ТЭО, проект, рабочая документация, ОВД, экспертиза проекта
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