The relevance of industrial aspiration and gas purification for production
Metallurgical production is inherently associated with a large number of emissions of harmful gaseous substances and dustiness of industrial premises during the technological process. In many industrial enterprises, there is a need to modernize existing gas purification or aspiration systems, due to exceeding the standards of dustiness of premises or environmental pollution.

"Ukrainian Metallurgical Technologies" RPE LLC carries out complex engineering of gas purification and aspiration systems within the framework of actual production tasks of industrial enterprises. Thanks to our long-term experience and highly qualified staff of engineers, we can carry out the design of gas purification and aspiration systems of any level of complexity in a short time.
Gas cleaning
Industrial gas cleaning is a set of measures to reduce the pollution of harmful substances of the company's exhaust gases into the atmosphere.

There are several methods of gas purification in metallurgy:

Wet (due to humidification, dust particles are captured for the purpose of cooling before reuse)
Dry (during inert movement under the influence of centrifugal forces, dust particles are deposited on the walls of the equipment)
Electric (dust particles are captured by an electromagnetic field)

As the main equipment we use (for example)

• Dry cyclones
• Bag filters

Effective gas cleaning allows to increase the mass of return of valuable components to the technological process and eliminate problematic issues with environmental supervision and labor protection.
Industrial aspiration
Industrial aspiration of premises – is a system of dust and gas cleaning of industrial premises in order to improve safety, ecology and production quality.

Advantages of using high-quality aspiration of premises:

• Protection of personnel from harmful air
• Compliance with environmental supervision and labor protection standards
• Maintaining the quality of the technological process
• Maintaining fire safety

Design of gas purification and aspiration systems
When designing gas cleaning and aspiration systems in production, many factors should be taken into account:

• Features of the technological process
• Potential impact on the technological process
• The equipment and objects used that require gas cleaning or aspiration
• Parameters of the dust-gas-air mixture requiring cleaning
• Dust Characteristics
• Analysis of available pale gas purification systems

The analysis of all of the above allows you to select the most effective engineering solutions and equipment individually for each customer.

We implement reliable methods that have been proven for years and at the same time innovative technologies. The efficiency of dust and gas cleaning achieved by us is 99.9 % in accordance with the customer's requirements. By cooperating with us, you can order the development of a turnkey project-from production inspection and design, to commissioning.

In the company "Ukrainian Metallurgical Technologies" RPE LLC, you can order engineering services and the supply of equipment for gas purification and industrial aspiration systems. UMT specialists have many years of experience in working with environmental problems of industrial enterprises. We carry out complex engineering and ensure the most efficient operation of all relevant factors. Our goal in cooperation is to solve problems to increase the profit of production with the shortest payback period and reach warranty indicators.
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Implementation of complex engineering: feasibility study, project, working documentation, ecological and project expertise
Laboratory studies of raw materials
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Reaching the warranty indicators
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