A ferroalloy plant can be built in Tyumen

In the next five years, another new production will appear in Tyumen, occupying a unique niche in the market — the Tyumen Ferroalloy Plant. It is planned to place it on the territory of the former Sibkomplektmontazhnaladka plant, local media report.
According to the documents attached to the information about the public hearings, the plant will specialize in the production of ferrotitane from ore raw materials, as well as a group of low-tonnage and small-scale ferroalloys and special-purpose ligatures with rare and rare earth metals.
Ferroalloys are specialized components added to an alloy in the production of steel to give it certain characteristics. They make it possible to obtain structural, tool, stainless, heat-resistant steel and other types of it. In Tyumen, ferroalloys will be produced by the aluminothermic method.
The volume of the investor's capital investments is estimated at 4.1 billion rubles. To implement the project, the owner is going to use personal and borrowed funds. The implementation period is announced from 2021 to 2026. The opening of the plant will create 429 jobs in the region. Annual tax deductions will be kept at the level of 380 million rubles.
The existing buildings will be reconstructed on the territory of the former plant and several new ones will be erected. The site of the bankrupt enterprise was chosen for the new plant for a reason. Firstly, it is located close to the raw material base — the deposit of titanium-zirconium ores "Glass", which is near the village of Novopokrovka in the Nizhnetavdinsky district. Secondly, it is historically a production site with a convenient transport interchange, it is remote from residential areas, but at the same time it is accessible to employees.
Investors note that the plant will produce 60 thousand tons of products per year.
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